Insolvency Office for Companies - Brasov

The activity of the manager of Accounting One, Mrs. Monica Rahaian, does not exclusively resume to accounting and financial counseling but also provides complete services of insolvency in the form of an Insolvency Individual Office, member of UNPIR (Official Record of Insolvency Practitioners).

We offer counseling in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy, legal reorganization. We are a specialized company in companies’ insolvency, winding up and bankruptcy, offering expertise in the analysis of the companies in insolvency.

The expertise in the insolvency field substantiates on the long term experience in the field of accounting, financial counseling and business.

At present we manage more than 50 cases of insolvency in the wood industry, transports, constructions, public catering services, medical services, automotive spare parts, advertising industry, metallic constructions etc.

Below you find the services provided by the Monica Rahaian Individual Office, yet the partnership with the client does not have a standard form, it is adapted to each and every case:

  • Consulting in the insolvency field
  • Administrative winding up
  • Legal winding up
  • Drafting the reorganization plan
  • Analysis of the debtors’ solvency
  • Management or surveillance of the business during the observation or bankruptcy period
  • Carrying out the attributions of the official receiver, according to the legal conditions
  • Drafting companies’ analysis reports necessary to determine the causes that lead to the payment cease and other reports according to Law 85/2006 on the insolvency procedure.