Financial and tax consultancy

Our customers’ business needs more than the accurate and in due time preparation of the accounting statements. We offer consultancy concerning the tax and accounting regulations, consultancy on the interpretation of financial statements.

This is why our consultancy services try to maximize the client’s profit by the tax structure optimization and to represent it in the relationships with the authorities.

  • Consultancy concerning the income taxes
  • Consultancy concerning the profit taxes
  • Consultancy concerning
  • VAT Consultancy in order to avoid double taxation
  • Optimizing the payment of taxes in accordance with the laws in force
  • Assistance during tax audits
  • Consultancy concerning the taxation on client’s organization level
  • Financial flow and cash-flow situation analysis
  • Analysis of debts and receivables
  • Consultancy for division, merger and winding up;
  • Regularly information concerning legal changes;
  • Specialty assistance for the financial controls carried out by Romanian authorities